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Frequently asked questions about The Alhambra – FAQ

Answers to common questions about visiting the Alhambra. Feel free to contact us if you need further assistance.

How much time should you spend visiting the Alhambra?

Between 3-4 hours, which should be sufficient to see everything.

Can I just turn up to Alhambra?

YES, but securing your ticket for the Nasrid Palaces (the main attraction) might be challenging. Due to high demand, daily ticket numbers are limited. To ensure your preferred ticket, it is recommended to book your visit at least one month in advance.

Can you visit Alhambra without a guide?

Yes. Nevertheless, a private guided tour experience is highly recommended.

What is the best time to visit Alhambra?

The best seasons to visit Alhambra are spring, late summer and autumn. For the best lighting conditions and fewer crowds, consider visiting early morning or late afternoon.

Is there a dress code at the Alhambra?

No, there is no specific dress code at the Alhambra. 

Can I bring a water bottle into the Alhambra?

Yes, you can bring your own food and drinks into the Alhambra. However, for security reasons, large bags are not allowed in the Nasrid Palaces, Alcazaba, or Generalife. Storage lockers are available for use during your exploration of these areas.

What should I not miss at the Alhambra?

  1. The Nasrid Palaces – This is the largest and most ornate palace complex in the Alhambra.
  2. The Alcazaba – the oldest part of the Alhambra, a magnificent fortress with seven towers and three fortified gates.
  3. Generalife Garden – Situated just outside the Nasrid Palaces, this enchanting garden showcases a variety of fountains and pools, along with breathtaking views of Granada’s cityscape.
  4. El Partal Palace – Formerly known as “The Castle of Comares,” this 14th-century palace mesmerizes with its awe-inspiring Islamic-style architecture and features a picturesque rose garden on its façade.
  5. The Court of Lions – One of Alhambra’s most iconic structures, this courtyard boasts a unique octagonal shape and is adorned with 12 marble lions symbolizing strength and power.
  6. The Dragon Fountain – Located in the Patio de los Arrayanes (Court of Myrtles), this ornate fountain is filled with crystal clear water, gracefully cascading into tubs adorned with dragon heads that serve as spouts for excess water.
  7. Charles V Palace – An elegant Renaissance palace with well-preserved courtyards from centuries ago.

How early do I need to get to the Alhambra?

Arrive at least 30 minutes before your scheduled visit to the Alhambra to allow plenty of time to walk from the main gate to the Nasrid Palace. Late entry to the Nasrid Palace is not allowed.

Could I visit the Alhambra at night?

Yes. You can visit the Nasrid Palaces and the Generalife Palace and gardens at night, As with the daytime visits, you will also need to buy a ticket to the Alhambra, you can purchase them here

The price of Alhambra tickets for a night visit is 9.40 € per person.

If you want to enrich your experience, please contact us to provide you with an official private tour guide. You can also check out our video tips for visiting the Alhambra to be well prepared to explore this historic site.



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